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Forum Rules

Postby rosie » Sun Sep 21, 2014 9:30 am

Welcome to the Anime USA forums! As a family-friendly convention, we wish to keep our forums equally as family-friendly as possible. As always, there are rules and guidelines you must adhere to while using the forums. If you do not follow these rules, you will be given warnings and, if severe enough, will be banned.

  1. No trolling, flaming, spamming, harassment, or threats allowed.
  2. No politics allowed. We are a 501(c)(3) organization and political activity of ANY kind on our boards gets our non-profit status revoked. Anyone who does this will be known as "the otaku who killed AUSA" and will be subject to a lot of hate-on by thousands of otaku everywhere. Since we're sure you'd like to be spared this travesty (as well as attacks by lawyers), please avoid this.
  3. While we're now allowing both animated avatars and signatures, please keep it reasonable in size and content. Also, keep it clean as per the rule below.
  4. No links to illegal or inappropriate content, such as hentai, porn, torrent links, and download links to illegal content. We will remove any such content.
  5. No selling, trading or soliciting allowed on the forums, with the exception of the listed Anime USA activities: roomsharing, ridesharing, promoting your panels or workshops, and listing what you may have at the Otaku Swap Festa, Artist Alley, or art show. Please keep these activities to these specific forums: Rooms and Rides, The Lounge, and the yearly AUSA con forum board.
  6. Do not post links to auctions or to store sites. You may inform someone about something ("You can usually find X on eBay"), but you are not allowed to post a link. If you have any questions about what is okay or not, please contact one of the staff.

In most cases, we will warn before we ban someone. There is a general warning for more minor offenses and a much more strongly worded warning for major offenses. Bans depend on the offense.

If you see something broken, please let someone from the AUSA staff know: such as emailing or contacting a moderator.
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