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Anime USA is coming up soon!  Register now!

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Everything important about Anime USA. These are must reads!

53 Topics

243 Replies

Vrmlbasic--My job here is to respond to feedback, address issues that are brought to our attention, and pass along a list of things we did well and issues we need to look at to other directors. You’ve provided feedback, and I’ve responded to it.... Anime USA 2013 Official Feedback Thread
Sep-23-13 20:42:35
Last post by: Ganesh
If you need questions answered immediately, ask in here and our staff will get you an answer soonest!

212 Topics

666 Replies

[url=][img][/img]my recommendations[/url]<br /> [url=]Online Casinos[/url]<br />... ink coverage
Mar-12-15 14:52:34
Last post by: breloczek56
From panels to raves, from video rooms to performances, this is the place to talk about what's happening at AUSA!

91 Topics

748 Replies

Moreover, after getting the help of a personal trainer Atlanta just make sure you are a good performance of the tasks that have been designed to achieve its main goal toward a much healthier. Check your diet. Getting in shape can cause a lot... Moreover, after getting the help
Feb-20-15 10:31:04
Last post by: lameslita
All the stuff you want to know or talk about AUSA's guests and musical acts!

25 Topics

469 Replies

Obviously, I'm not staff, or affiliated with the con in any way, but I am a loyal attendee and will be sure to come this October. So, let's tell the staff who we wanna see! I just wanna say first- great first two guests. Tatum is an... 2014 Guest Request!
Mar-16-14 04:08:42
Last post by: Mewshuji
If it's about AUSA's cosplay and masquerade, it's located here.

108 Topics

841 Replies

Does anyone know who Ladi Loki was in the Cosplay Burlesque? I'm trying to find her fan page, and I can't find it anywhere!!! Please help!!!! Lady Loki in Cosplay Burlesque
Sep-21-13 19:22:10
Last post by: Etthack
Whether videogames or RPGs, LARP or boardgames, here's the place to talk about AUSA's gaming!

33 Topics

128 Replies

AUSA will indeed be having a LARP. You can find out everything you need to know from out Facebook page here- Otherwise- AUSALARP Character registration is open! You can send your submission of... AUSALARP 2014
Aug-13-14 11:26:02
Last post by: minibombmon
Our artists put in a lot of work to create the greatest array of creations. Here's where they detail everything.

11 Topics

8 Replies

Thanks for the feedback. This was our first time working with that space as AA, so we’re still trying to figure out how best to do things in there. Many of your comments are things we’ve heard from numerous artists and will be fixed for next year.... Post-con post!
Sep-24-13 21:38:39
Last post by: Ganesh
Need to split a room? Need to get a lift to the con? This is the place to work it out. Please remember, no monetary soliciting allowed.

160 Topics

342 Replies

have a room that i need to fill let me know if your interested anyone need a room
Sep-19-14 01:54:27
Last post by: DJ-PON3
Want to join AUSA's Gopher Squad or just want to find out more about it? Here's the place to ask!

14 Topics

67 Replies

[quote=kotomichi]Hello! I submitted a volunteer application a couple of days ago with interest in working in Reg but have no reply yet. Should I take it as a no? Thanks![/quote] [quote=astrumnovus]Hi! I just sent a volunteer application a... Come To The Dark Side -- I Mean, "AUSA Volunteering Sign-Up 2012!"
Oct-31-12 17:33:32
Last post by: Ricorori
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If it's on paper and ink, it's talked about here!

6 Topics

31 Replies

I know they'd likely use any excuse to throttle back anyone who uses lots of bandwidth. Yay, capitalism!! WB Are ISPs using downloading fansubbed anime towards "6 strikes"?
Aug-18-13 22:21:57
Last post by: WackyBanana
If it's on screen, here's the place to talk about it!

12 Topics

54 Replies

pokenmon was one of my favorite cartoon i have seen i am really going to watch this movie. Pokemon, S--t Just Got Real. Leaked Live action trailer?
Jun-26-14 19:23:08
Last post by: mygatenow
Want to join a club or find one in your area? Want to get the word out about your group? This is the place to start.

6 Topics

9 Replies

Our club is one of the biggest in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia areas. We host events in all 3 of those areas as well and only been a club little over a year and have hosted 100+ events. Check us out at... DMV ANIME WATCHERS CLUB
Nov-02-12 21:02:38
Last post by: dgcosplay
Whether you're talking about the Heian period, asking about Shinto or just want to have a conversation in Japanese, this is the place.

6 Topics

32 Replies

'The square Xu [url=]tiffany rings[/url] repeatedly comforts himself/herself.BE more opposite than a square Xu of left think right Lyu, the cloud Nuo before leading the way pours is seem to... The square Xu has already tiffany necessarily asks to answer
May-12-12 00:57:13
Last post by: tiffanyca6868
This is the spot to talk about general cosplay questions and other cosplay events beyond AUSA

15 Topics

60 Replies

Anybody that can make any male cosplay plz hit me up at I will pay. Some One Make Me A Cosplay?
Jul-28-13 17:52:58
Last post by: Sakho
Interested in gaming and tournaments outside of the con? Or just talk about videogaming or RPGs? Here's the place to chat.

4 Topics

18 Replies

Do you have a computer. Which game you mostly like to play on your computer. Share its name with me. Do you have a computer
Dec-17-11 05:26:42
Last post by: aquariusmediaaseo
Cantopop? Hard rock? Jazz rap? The forum to talk about music in addition to Jpop.

22 Topics

234 Replies

Something - The Beatles. (: What are you listening to?
Jan-06-14 02:11:48
Last post by: sweetCaroline
Here's where everything off-topic and random goes. Please keep it clean and stick to the rules, folks.

47 Topics

722 Replies

Hi everyone, I got an e-mail last week from something called AfreecaTV asking if I was interested in becoming a "broadcaster" on their US website. Not sure if anyone know them, but I googled it and they're a real thing. It seems... This could be interesting!
Feb-09-15 03:44:53
Last post by: Einar88

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